8 & 1/2 Projects to Prepare Your Home For the Fall & Winter Seasons

8 & 1/2 Projects to Prepare Your Home For the Fall & Winter Seasons
1. Insulate the Attic:  Cool fall days make working in the attic more comfortable, and make it easier to feel any drafts coming into the space.
2. Clean the Deck:  Leaves and dirt can build up between the wood slats of a deck.  Use a narrow screwdriver or wire clothes hanger to clear materials from the slats and allow moisture to drain away from the house.
3. Clean the Carpets: Humid summer days have passed and the cold of winter hasn't arrive. Comfortable fall days are perfect for opening the windows and allowing a newly cleaned carpet to dry.
4. Repair Driveways and Walkways: Cold winter temperatures can cause cracks in your concrete to expand and create safety and drainage issues.  Today's simple quick-dry solutions can prevent long-term headaches.
5. Run Fans in Reverse:  Switching the rotation on the fan blades can circulate the warm air that pools near the ceiling and pull it back into the room.
6. Power Wash the Exterior:  Cleaning the exterior paint and siding will prevent mold and mildew buildup as days get cooler and shorter.
7. Insulate Water Sources:  Insulating exterior water sources and interior pipes.  Simple covers can be an inexpensive detail that prevents very expensive problems during cold winter nights.
8. Change the Air Filters: This simple, low cost habit can be easy to forget, but has the potential for big savings during especially cool falls and cold winters.
8 1/2. Hire a Professional to Tackle the Big Projects: Fireplace and gutter cleaning, roof repairs and HVAC services are just a few of the most important winterization projects, and should be handled by a professional.
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