The Markets in a Minute - February 24

The Markets in a Minute - February 24


Although markets were closed on Monday for Presidents' Day, stocks once again hit new highs this week as traders expect the economy to continue improving.
Unemployment filings continue to reflect labor market strength. Although up slightly this week, jobless claims have the lowest 4-week average since 1973.
The minutes from last month's FOMC meeting show the Fed could be looking to raise policy rates soon. The decision will depend on data for jobs and inflation.


Existing home sales surged to a 10-year high in January. Demand remains strong as buyers shrug off increasing prices and higher mortgage rates.
A survey of 30 analysts by Reuters predicts home prices will rise at almost double the current rate of underlying inflation and wages over the next few years.
Small investors buying homes to flip or rent remain a strong part of the market. Last year, 37% of homes sold were acquired by buyers who didn't live in them.


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