The Essential Checklist: What to Bring to the Closing Table

The Essential Checklist: What to Bring to the Closing Table










The journey of buying a home culminates in a significant event — the closing! It's the day when you officially become the owner of your property. However, to ensure this day goes smoothly, it's crucial to come prepared. Here's a comprehensive checklist of what to bring to the closing table, ensuring you're ready to cross the final hurdle in your homebuying process.


1. Government-Issued Identification

Bring a valid, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. This is essential for verifying your identity during the signing of the closing documents.


2. Certified or Cashier’s Check

You'll need to bring a cashier's check or arrange a wire transfer to cover the closing costs and down payment. The exact amount will be specified in your closing disclosure.


3. Closing Disclosure

Bring your closing disclosure (CD) document. It's important to compare the final CD to the initial loan estimate to ensure no unexpected charges have appeared.


4. Proof of Insurance

Proof of homeowners insurance is mandatory before you can close on a house. The policy should be effective from the date of closing.


5. Purchase and Sales Contract

Bring a copy of the purchase and sales contract, which includes the agreed-upon price of the home and any conditions of the sale.


6. Home Inspection Reports

Although not always required, having your home inspection reports can be helpful if any last-minute questions or issues arise.


7. List of Contacts

Have a list of all the professionals involved in your homebuying process, including your real estate agent, attorney, and mortgage lender.


8. Pen and Notepad

Bring a pen for signing documents and a notepad for jotting down any important notes or questions during the closing.


9. Your Real Estate Agent or Attorney

While not something you 'bring', having your real estate agent or attorney present is invaluable. They can provide clarification and advice on the spot.


10. A Calm and Clear Mind

Lastly, bring a calm demeanor and a clear mind. Ask questions if you're uncertain about any part of the closing documents.


Closing on your home is the final and most exciting step in the homebuying process. Coming prepared with these items ensures that your closing day will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. Remember, this is a significant milestone — you're about to become a homeowner!