First-time Homebuyer Classes in Hampton Roads

First-time Homebuyer Classes in Hampton Roads

I can tell you from first-hand experience that millennials have officially jumped into the housing market. As an expert on millennials and mortgages, I led a seminar this past Tuesday (April 28) on how to obtain a home loan for the Hampton Roads chapter of the JMU Alumni Association. It took place at Mermaid Winery in Ghent.

That night, the room was full of twenty-somethings eager to buy a home. Plus, they came with smart questions like “Can I roll my closing costs into the loan?” and “If I bought car in a year ago, will it still impact my credit score?”

As I wrote in my ebook “15 Things Things Millennials Want from the Homebuying Process,” young people know how to do their research, and they bring plenty of questions.

That’s why it’s critical to stay updated on the latest real estate trends and mortgage programs. Know your stuff, and first-time homebuyers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, will respect you for it.


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