Encouraging News about Military, Millennials and Money

Encouraging News about Military, Millennials and Money

On Wednesday, February 25, I tuned in for a webinar hosted by Navy Federal Credit Union called "Military, Millennials and Money." The forum took place at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

As a lender who specializes in home loans for millennials, it's important I follow national trends and deliver the insights back to you.
A few highlights from the webinar:
- Millennials in the military continue to lead their peers in financial readiness (ex: ability to buy a home)
- 77 percent of all millennials surveyed by Navy Federal say they plan to save more in 2015 than 2014
- 58 percent of those same millennials believe they are on track to purchase a home
More findings from the Navy Federal forum
Overall, the numbers are positive and show young people are steadily gaining the confidence to make large purchases -- like a first home.
If you have any questions about millennials (military or civilian), please contact me at 757-490-4726 or srubin@tidewaterhomefunding.com.

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