Cancelling Mortgage Insurance

Cancelling Mortgage Insurance

This week, USA TODAY reported many millennials don't enter the housing market because they're intimidated by all the confusing terminology.

From the article:

"After putting away enough savings, the biggest hurdle for Millennial buyers may be the learning curve that comes with understanding the process..."

That's why every week I provide you with definitions and explanations for common mortgage terms.

Here's a great example. People often ask me:

When can I cancel my mortgage insurance (PMI)?

Two answers.

1. PMI cancels automatically when the loan balance reaches 78% of its original value.

2. The borrower can request the PMI cancellation when the loan reaches 80% of the original value of the property (based on amortization schedule) or based on current house value (achieved through appraisal).

Here are the guidelines from MGIC, a national mortgage insurer, on how to cancel PMI.

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