Thanksgiving Safety & Travel Tips From Tidewater Home Funding

Thanksgiving Safety & Travel Tips From Tidewater Home Funding
According to the National Fire Protection Association,
Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year
for home fires involving cooking equipment.
  • Kid-Free Zones:  Creating kid-free zones around food preparation areas can prevent children from reaching hot foods, stove tops, electric cords and knives.  Kid-free zones can also prevent those preparing the food from tripping over children and toys.
  • Stovetop Duty:  Be sure to have an adult in the kitchen any time there is food being fried, grilling or boiled.  If food is simmering, baking or roasting, be sure to check it regularly, always have someone in the house, and use timers to remind everyone that food is being prepared.
  • Fire Prevention: Ensure matches and utility lights remain out of reach of children, and returned to a safe location after being used to light grills and fireplaces.  Keep fireplaces shuttered or screened, and reinforce the Kid-Free Zones as a barrier.
  • Check Your Fire Alarms: Make sure your fire alarms are functioning properly by pushing the test button.
  • Pet Control:  Feed your animals before guests arrive. It can prevent more begging.  The excitement of guests can also cause pets to eat faster, and result in bloating and accidents.
  • Store Fall Related Objects Out of Sight: Ladders used for cleaning gutters and leaves should be placed back in the garage or shed to prevent access to windows and high fences.
  • Skip Social Media Travel Posts:  Don't post your holiday travel plans on social media.
  • Move Your Car: If you're going to be gone for his several days, ask a friend to move your car occasionally.
  • Timers: Lighting timers not only deter home break-ins, but they also save electricity and lower power bills.
  • Door Hangers: In addition to having a neighbor or friend grab your mail and newspapers, ask that they remove any doorhangers or marketing materials left by people canvasing your neighborhood.
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Please have a Happy and Save Thanksgiving holiday.