Friday's FAQ's!

  • You worked with us three years ago.  We were transferred out of the area, but it looks like we might be coming back.  We would like to work with you again, where are you licensed?  I am licensed in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.  Happy to help you if you are transferred to any of these states.   
  • We are looking at purchasing an investment property.  We would like to renovate the property, it is outdated and needs some TLC.  What are our options?  We do have a program (limit is $417,000) that allows you to purchase an investment property up to 80% - and fund your renovations as part of the loan.                
  • We are looking at condominium.  It is our understanding it is non-warrantable, what does that mean?  A condominium can be considered non-warrantable for several reasons.  The basic result of this is that you cannot purchase the property with Conventional, FHA or VA financing.  You would need a non-warrantable program, and I have one!

Jennifer Keenan, Senior Mortgage Consultant

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